Our wrestling program is one of a kind! Run by Head Wrestling Coach Cody Dixon, we push our athletes hard to reach deep inside themselves and put forth the hard work it takes to build a champion.



Here's some of the most common questions we get asked. Don't see the question you're looking for? Reach out and ask us via email or ask a coach in person.

What items do I need to train/start classes?

Some athletic clothing and wrestling shoes are all you will need. Not having shoes at first is fine, but you will need them eventually.

Wrestling shoes are great for:

  • Preventing mat burn
  • Maximum traction on the mat
  • Full support during takedowns and scrambles

Do you offer private lessons or 1-on-1 training?

We do! Reach out to a coach and touch base to discuss price and schedule your training times.

Private lessons are great for:

  • Troubleshooting specific areas
  • Preparing for upcoming competitions
  • Getting extra training outside of scheduled class times

How can I train when I'm not able to make it to practice?

Doing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is the best exercise for staying in wrestling shape. Pick an exercise (ex. pushups) and do 45 seconds with as many reps as possible with a 15 second rest period, then repeat, repeat, repeat.

What is the minimum age I can enroll my kids in wrestling?

We start our beginners classes as young as 5 years old but we have taken on 4 year olds who are well disciplined and follow directions extremely well.

Our kids wrestling program is great because:

  • It teaches our students teamwork but also independence
  • They learn the value of working hard and setting goals
  • They learn the most important lesson of all: You get out what you put in!