Cody Dixon

Head Wrestling Coach/BJJ Blue Belt

Joining the wrestling community a little late in high school, Cody’s main motivation was to use it to get better at football. Little did he know it was going to be his tool to get better at life. Cody was not the best wrestler in the beginning days, but realized the ability of self improvement and mental fortitude with the sport. This, along with hard work, allowed for his success in wrestling. Not only did wrestling help Cody get faster, stronger, and more athletic for football. It allowed for him to build the mentality to break down barriers. Cody realizes the importance of living this lifestyle, which is why he coaches the younger generation. Giving the kids the opportunity to become more; more than what they believe themselves to be. Ultimately teaching them how to be effective at life. Cody can thank much of what he has in this life to his journey with wrestling and now Jiu jitsu. He looks forward to building a close knit community of wrestlers, each wanting to grow themselves and those around them.


  • 11 years wrestling experience
  • Wrestled for Fort Walton Beach High School, until going to college to wrestle for Huntingdon College.
  • Voted team captain of Huntingdon’s team from sophomore to senior year.
  • 2x conference runner up.
  • National Strength and Conditoning All American Award winner
  • Assistant wrestling Coach of WS Neal High School from 2020-2021
  • Head wrestling coach of WS Neal High school from 2021-2022
  • State qualifiers under Coach Dixon had a 100% placing rate at Alabama State Tournament in year 2022



Marcello Alcantar

3rd Degree Black Belt

Rodney Cantrell

Head Instructor

Kristina Barlaan

2nd Degree Black Belt

Cody Dixon

Wrestling Instructor